Gift Spotlight

polaroidThis week’s gift spotlight goes out to the teenagers and millennials in your life! This one may catch you by surprise, but we’ve found the perfect gift for them in one word:


Oh, yes. We went there. You remember what a blast you and your friends had with one of these growing up?! “Shaking them clear” even though the label swears that doesn’t help. You never believed them on that one, but the immediacy of the photos satisfied that live-in-the-moment attitude of youth. Plus, didn’t they make for the best keep sakes you wedged into the corner of your mirror?

Depending on how your teen feels about all things retro, you can go one of two ways on this:

The good ol’ classic Polaroid camera, now available at Urban Outfitters-

Because everything in fashion makes its way back around. This refurbished camera is the real deal and comes with two packs of PX 680 Color Shade Flush Film, 1 Impossible Frog-Tongue already attached to camera, and wipes to clean it. (You may want to pick up a case or strap as well, though)

Price: $180.00






The Prynt Case-

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 7.19.18 PM.png
A phone case that attaches onto your phone so you can print photos directly from your smartphone. All the fun of a Polaroid in a fun, new high-tech package. And this is so new that you can only pre-order it. Fun, fresh, and perfect for the techie teen in your life!

Price: $139.00


Regardless of which route you choose- encouraging your millennial to embrace the retro or step into the future- the gift of the Polaroid is a guaranteed way to put a smile on their face!



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